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Sir Pompadour and his hens, Frizzle, Frazzle, Gold Dust, Red Head, Carmelot, Champagne, Gold Dust, The Wyandottes, etal are happy, loved and spoiled. They are truly, multi colored egg, laying wonders.  Free ranging, fed fresh fruits and veggies these gorgeous gals supply the most beautiful deep yellow yolked eggs you can imagine.

Egg Prices:

$3.00/dozen with a $0.50 carton fee.

Bring us your empty egg cartons and we waive the carton fee.


The EggS

Their neighbors and friends are the very busy Shinglekill Farm bees. Left mostly to their natural instincts they thrive in our bee friendly environment.  We plant our fields with buckwheat, herbs and mountain flowers.  Depending on the time of the year, the honey will hint of wild marjoram or dark and intense buckwheat. These gals produce the best honey which is show stopping delicious.

Retail Honey Prices:

6oz   •     $5.00

8oz   •     $8.00

16oz •   $15.00


For more information about honey bees go to,  or speak to Mikl Lamanec, he is the secretary for the Catskill Mountain Bee Club and has a wealth of information on the subject.


The BeeS

Shinglekill Farm is located in the Hamlet of Acra, about two miles from Shinglekill Falls. The house was built in the late 1920’s as a boarding house by Great  Grandpa Michael Lamanec. At one time this family property was home to over 200 Chickens, Cows and a billion Honey bees. Great Grandpa Lamanec was a reputed gin supplier to the infamous gangster Legs Diamond.  Legs Diamond met his fate not far from here where he was shot down by federal officers in his Catskill Mountain cabin. The farm is gradually being restored by the Lamanec Family.

Shinglekill Falls

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